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Property Owners may pay invoices with a credit card or via ACH transfer to Union Bank in Stowe.  For credit card payment, please check on "Donate" to go to Paypal, and follow instructions.  Please note that we are charged a fee by PayPal of approximately 3%, and will

only receive the amount you pay after the fee.  

To set up an ACH transfer, please see instructions on the secure "Homeowners" tab above.

This site is for the use of Robinson Springs homeowners.  The "Homeowners" tab
is password protected.  Please contact a.ziegel@att.net for access.
President - John Cassella  jcassella@deerwalk.com
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RSPOA   552 Robinson Springs Rd. Stowe, VT 05672
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Robinson Springs

April 2021

The project to make fiber internet available to each home in Robinson Springs has started. A group of homeowners is underwriting the $300,000 cost of installing conduit throughout, and Stowe Cable is paying for all connections.  It is already stringing fiber cable up Edson Hill Rd. to our entrance on Sanborn.  Each RSPOA owner is being given the opportunity to join this project with a project contribution of $4000. 

A tennis backboard has been ordered and should be installed within a few weeks.

Mark Preston is the RSPOA property manager.  Check Homeowners secure tab for Mark's mobile number. The office phone is 802 253 2213.  The office email is rspoamanagement@outlook.com   

A map with Owners and Lots is also on the Homeowners secure page, along with the key Association documents, including minutes of Director meetings, the Annual Meetings, and financial reports.

Homeowners, real estate agents, and contractors should all be aware of, and familiar with,  these important documents of the Association.

Protective Covenants of the POA

Architectural Review Application
Revised 2020
Contractors Compliance Contract
Please read carefully regarding expectations for Contractors working In Robinson Springs. Note that parking on roads is prohibited.
NEW as of September, 2019
December 2020
"RSPOA seasonal rental policy"
RSPOA Bylaws as of June 2013

Highlights from the Protective Covenants:

Residential Use.  The lots shall be used for residential purposes only and not for any mercantile, commercial, or industrial purposes, provided, … This restriction shall not prevent the rental by an owner of a lot and residence for residential or seasonal vacation use.  "Seasonal" has been defined by the Board, as noted in the document "RSPOA Rental Policy, December 2020".  Short term rentals are prohibited, other than for two periods per year of a minimum of 10 days per period.  Otherwise, seasonal rentals must be for not less than three months.


Approval of Plans.  The Robinson Springs Board of Directors, in order to fulfill its obligations to oversee the design review process, shall establish an Architectural Review Committee (the “Committee”)…

All plans and specifications for the constructions, remodeling, alteration, or reconstruction of or addition to any building or other structure to be placed upon any lot, and landscaping to be planted thereon, shall require the approval in writing by the Committee prior to commencement of construction or planting.

The Town of Stowe Sterling Forest trails are accessible via the Sterling Trail at the top of Dish Lane

Map of Robinson Springs Trails