2021 Internet Fiber Installation Project

Robinson Springs' fiber internet project continues to progress. The conduits have been laid throughout the neighborhood and Stone Underground has finished connecting some individual residences to the fiber.

Homeowners that have committed to the internet project please reach out to Stone Underground to schedule a home visit if you have not done so yet. Nearly 50 RSPOA owners have committed to the project and all owners can still commit to the project if they wish. Please contact Grant Davis for more information or if you would like to commit to the internet project.


In 2015, Fairpoint Communications, the successor to Verizon in New England, and the predecessor to Consolidated Communications, approached the residents of the Edson Hill/Weeks Hill area with a plan to install ADSL internet service.  The project is summarized in the presentation here.  The cooperation of Robinson Springs was required, as the plan called for the installation of underground fiber cable into Robinson Springs, to the limit of the distance of the signal source in Stowe.  There are two nodes where the fiber connects to the old copper telephone wires - Billings Hill Rd, and Robinson Springs Rd near Thomas Pasture.  

In the presentation is a chart of anticipated signal speeds by address.

The scope of the project was well beyond the RSPOA, and no contract was ever reviewed or executed between RSPOA and Fairpoint.  Each homeowner was required to commit to the service for two years, if the service was used.